Justin Moore – Flyin Down A Backroad chords ver. 5

Standard tuning
Capo 1st fret

CI've been on the grand ole opry
GPlayed a show with zz top
AmWent on a tour with skynyrd
FAnd man they still rock
CShot the bull with bocephus
GBefore he climbed up on his jet
AmPlayed south Florida with Alan Jackson
FThat's some things that ya never forget
Am G FAnd all that stuff, it makes you feel real good
GBut not near as good...
CAs flyin down a backroad
GWith some buddy's from back home
AmA splash of jack in my coke
FCatchin bream on a zebco
CSpottin deer in a hay field
GAfter church, a Sunday meal
Am F GAnd huggin mama before I go
CFlyin down a back road
The chord patterns repeat for each verse except for the bridge which goes:
AmI'm a lucky man
G FI've got a real good life
AmWith all the things I've done
G FNothin gets me as high
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