Justin Nozuka – Letter To My Love tab

Left handed
	            Letter To My Love- Justin Nozuka
Tabbed by: steck388
Email: csteckman_3@hotmail.com

Tuning: standard

This is a very new song by Justin Nozuka. It once again it is an excellent
song. Very very simple to play. It only consists of three chords the whole
song. Hope you enjoy.

Chords used: C: 330210 (just a variation of C that I dont know the name of)
             G: 320033
             F: 133211

Oh and one more thing. I tabbed this from a youtube video, and they are all
live performances and I cant quite figure out all the lyrics so please, bare
with my interpretations lol. And if you know them please comment and let me
know so I can edit them on here. Thank ya.

(1rst verse, let the notes ring out a bit) 

          C                G
Dear old love, I needed to write you
               F                  C
I need you to know that, I am not angry.
         C                            G
You were right, you said you deserve better,
           F                             C
And I was wrong, to let you love pass me by.

           C      G     F
And not a night passes by,
              C        G       F
That I don't think of you and cry,
              C         G          F
I know your somewhere out there wishin' on a starry sky,
I'll spend the rest of my life...

Dreamin' on the love you gave me,
Dreamin' on the love you gave me,
Dreamin' on the love you gave me,
Dreamin' on the love you gave me.

and the rest of the song is played exactly the same.
there's a little breakdown thing he does and all he does during that is F&C

Once again thanks for looking. And pleas comment if lyrics are wrong, As 
well as the lyrics for the second verse cause I have no idea and would really
like to know them lol. Thanks again
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