Justin Nozuka - Supposed To Grow Old chords

It won't sound like the original but I find it easier to play these chords while 
singing.. if that's what your into.

Em BmYou broke my Heart
Bm Bbm Am Bmwhen you said goodbye
Em BmAnd only you can lift my spirit
Bm Bbm AmYou gave me wings
BmAnd now you're gone
Em BmWell I'm crying inside
Bm Bbm AmA thousand tears every time
BmI think of you
Em BmLock the pictures away
Bm Bbm AmHide the letters too
BmAnything to get my mind off you
Em Bm Bm Bbm AmYou just walked by me like nothing ever happened
BmWhen you said you would rescue me if I was ever falling
Em BmWell now baby there's no way that you could have forgotten
Bm Bbm AmAll of the memories
BmI thought we shared
EmWe were supposed to grow old
BmTell me how can I look up at the moon
Bm Bbm AmWhen I know that moon shines upon you
Bm EmThrough that window in your room
BmOh how I wish I had you in my arms
Bm Bbm AmSee darling I would never let you go
BmNo no no no no no no no no no....
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