Justin Nozuka - Oh Momma chords

A7Give me that line again
C#m/GbHe's not coming home again tonight
Bm7/F#Momma wipe those tears from your cheeks
AIt don't make no difference now
A7 C#m/GbRemind me one last time that you wont ever go
Bm7/F#The whales can't swim without the tide
EAnd birds won't fly without the stars in the sky
(Chorus) * + I can't feel without your touch W I can't dream without your smile 0 Z I can't live without your love Oh Momma ( continue with the same chords ) Give me that song again Hold me closer than You ever did before When I've given all I'll give you more We'll keep on floating to the shore You can take a storm and turn it all around And then the sun shines through Oh the story of your life We have all been designed But you're as real on the outside Momma (Chorus)
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