Justin Posey – Bending Love chords

http://www.myspace.com/posieslullabyJustin Posey- Bending Love

Tuning: Half Step down, but with capo on 3rd fret.

Intro- Am, F, Am, F

Verse 1
AmWhat could I have done differently
What could I have done
FTo make her understand
That I was serious
AmPerhaps some more tears
Would have made it through
FThe impaired judgment
Of a mind holding onto Chorus
Am G FThe little things that she could not let go
Am G FThe little things that she could not let go
C G I was everything that she could
Am FEver want or need
C G She threw away every promise
Am FEvery chance received
Interlude- C, G, Am, F Verse 2
AmSaying and doing are two separate things
FWhen I'm hours away and she's not listening
AmTo my words
To my feelings
FTo the way
That she is dealing **CHORUS**
CAm I wrong
GAm I wrong
Am FAm I wrong for leaving you
CWell I guess
GWe will never know
Am FWe will never have the chance to
CLove is seen
GLove is blind
Am FLove is bending back for you
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