Justin Timberlake - Like I Love You tab

Justin Timberlake Ė Like I Love You

Strum Bm 3x B5 C5 A5 n nvn nvn vnv n e-2-222------------|B-3-333------------|G-4-444-44*-5**-2--|D-4-444-44*-5**-2--|A-2-222-22*-3**-0--|E------------------|
Intro |Bm |Bm |Bm | B5-C5-A5 3x Verse 1 |Bm |Bm |Bm | B5-C5-A5 2x Pre-chorus |Bm |Bm |Bm | B5-C5-A5 2x Chorus |Bm |Bm |Bm | B5-C5-A5 2x Verse 2 |Bm |Bm |Bm | B5-C5-A5 2x (first time donít play B5-C5-A5) Pre-chorus Chorus Interlude |Bm |Bm |Bm | B5-C5-A5 3x (last time donít play B5-C5-A5) Bridge |Gmaj7 F#m7 |Bm7 3x |C#m7(b5) |F#7(b9,#5) Rap |Bm |Bm |Bm | B5-C5-A5 4x (last time donít play B5-C5-A5) Bridge Repeat bridge Chorus |Bm |Bm |Bm | B5-C5-A5 2x (last time donít play B5-C5-A5)
Outroe-------12-13-------12----|B-12-13-------12-13----12-|G-------------------------|D-------------------------|A-------------------------|E-------------------------|(fade out)
Bm = *24432 B5 = *244** C5 = *355** A5 = *022** Gmaj7 = 3*0002 F#m7 = 2*222* Bm7 = *20202 C#m7 = *4545* F#7 = **2333 Well this is my tab right.. I hope y'all like it!!.. If there are any questions, suggestions or corrections (that sounds cool right??) you can always mail me to: marito-janso@hotmail.com. And eh.. Rate this tab will you?? =)
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