Justin Timberlake – That Girl chords ver. 2

Cmaj7 x35453x C#dim5 xxx566x
Intro Dm CE-----------------------------------------------------------------|B-------------------5----------------5----------------------------|G-------------------5----------------5----------------------------|D-------------------3----------------5----------------------------|A--------3-------5--5----5--3------3-3----------------------------|E--3-h5-----5-----------------5--3--------------------------------|
Verse 1:
Dm CDidn't have to run, I knew it was love from a mile away
Dm Cmaj7But I had to catch you, running through my mind all day baby
Dm CThey all say I'm crazy, cause anybody even when your father said
Dm Cmaj7That I can't be with you, I don't hear a word they say
Cdim5 (just to make the song more fun to play) DmCause I'm in love with that girl
CSo don't be mad at me
DmCause I'm in love with that girl
CSo don't be mad at me
DmSo what you're from other side of the track
So What the world don't think we match
CI'll put it down like my love's on wax,
guess what
DmI'm in love with that girl
CAnd she told me, she's in love with me
Same chords for verse 2 as verse 1
DmMy pretty lady
CYou'll always be my baby, baby, baby
DmIt's so amazing
CHow you became my baby, baby, baby
DmMy little daisy
CCome here let me rock you like a baby, baby, baby
DmPretty lady
CDon't you know, you'll always be my baby, baby, baby
Dm EmDon't it seem like these days
Am That everybodyís got something to say
Gm7 C7 FBut I donít pay attention to the talk babe
Dm Em Am G F Em Dm GAnd I dont really care if they stop and stare cause this seat my number one, my number one girl
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