Justin Townes Earle - Mamas Eyes chords

Justin Townes Earle 
Mama's Eyes

Capo 5th fret

C F C I am my fathers son
F C G never knowing when to shut up
Am G F CI ain't fooling no one
F G CI am my father's son
C F CWe don't see eye to eye
F C G I'll be the first to admit I never tried
Am G F C 'n' sure it hurts, but it should hurt sometime
F G C we don't see eye to eye
C F CI was a young man when
F C GI first found the pleasure in the feel of his hand
Am G F C FI went down the same road as my old man
G CI was younger then
Am F C Gnow its three a.m. and I'm standing in the kitchen
Am F Cholding my last cigarette
Am F C G Fstrike a match 'n' I see my reflection in the mirror in the hall
Gand I say to myself
C F CI've got my mama's eyes
F C Gher long thin frame 'n' her smile
Am G F C and I still see wrong from right
F G Ccuz I've got my mama's eyes
F G Cyea I've got my mama's eyes
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