Justin Townes Earle – Aint Waitin chords

			    Ain't Waitin' - Justin Townes Earle
Tabbed by: Jared M. Smith
Email: absynce@gmail.com

EADGBE (Standard)

Capo II - The chords are based on the shape of the chords in standard tuning without a 
 Since, the capo is on the second fret, they are technically a step up from what I have.

G 320000
D 200210
C x32010

The G chord is repeated as below:e|--00-00------|B|--00-00------|G|--00-00------|D|--00-22------|A|--22-00------|E|--33-33------|
GIt's Sunday mornin', fryin' chicken
Watchin' baby workin' in the kitchen
C GI got in late last night and I'm movin' a little slow, alright
D C GI ain't waitin' on nothin' I just got nowhere to go
GI need a haircut, I could take a shave
I could stand to hear my baby call me by my name now
C GPut on a country station on that satellite radio, yeah
D C GI ain't waitin' on nothin' I just love her so, yeah
Solo Bridge:
CWell now I've been working
GI've been gone for a couple weeks
CNow I got nothing but time
And the only thing that I'm worried about
DIs keeping that woman right there in my reach
GSo I got a pocket full of money, shoppin' I wanna do
I had my sights set on a pair of white buck shoes
C GBut another day ain't gonna hurt a thing, no, baby
D C GI ain't waitin' on nobody, nobody waitin' on me
D C GNo I ain't waitin' on nobody, no one waitin' on me, baby
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