Justin Townes Earle - Rogers Park chords

Rogers Park - Justin Townes Earle
Standard Tuning

DThis towns dead tonight
D I got no place to be
GMoon is hung just right
G DShine like diamonds on these streets
Moulin wine and lonesome Its cuttin clean through my heart In my window smokin While the midnights setting in on rogers park I come here with hopes and Guess I came here with dreams Now I’m all alone I can’t even get to sleep So take my heart and break it in Send me back to the pines Tired of lying awake at night Feels like im runnin outta time CHORUS:
Bm A DSee my dreams before my eyes
GShadows on the wall
Bm A DI Ain’t got no place i can fall
Bm A DSnowin’ in off the lake
GPunchin holes in the dark
Bm AThrough the lonely streets
DOf rogers park
So shadow boys I bring it in my Hear I’m down in the streets Corner goes our way For someone to take them all for keeps There ain’t no hope in leavin them There ain’t no prayer for the poor And all thats lost in stealin She can’t hold me anymore See my dream before my eyes Shadows on the wall I ain’t got no place I can fall Snowin in off the lake Punchin holes in the dark Through the lonely streets Of rogers park
D Bm AOh through the lonely streets
DOf rogers park
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