Justin Townes Earle – Black Eyed Suzy chords

Black Eyed Suzy
Justin Townes Earle
Album: Midnight at the Movies
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G    320003
Em   022000
C    x32010
D    x00232
G/F  200003

G Em Black Eyed Suzy she works the corner
C Dout on the block on which she was raised
G Emand I don't how but she finds some comfort
C Dup amongst the rubble and the Queen Ann's Lace
C D G G/F# Embut nobody seemed to notice her beauty wither away
C D Goh Black Eyed Suzy girl how much more can you take
G Em we were lovers back when we were younger but
C Dwe all know how that can go
G Emit's like one day it's roses and the next it's over and
C Dnobody asks cause ain't nobody wants to know
C D G G/F# Emas soon as find a place far away from this dirty heap
C D G oh Black Eyed Suzy she's still losing ground to the heat
G Em C D (x2)
Cwell now some may give into the wind
D Gthey'll take a flight just to forget the pain
Cah but Suzy she's dug in too deep
Cshe knows she's been beat
D but still she stands around and waits
Dah but
G Emas soon the season change it will bring the winter wind
C DSuzy she'll try to fight it
G Emit won't be long before the cold embrace
C Dof a long November will decide it
C Dwhat am I to do
G G/F# Emah what am I to say
C D GI just watched from a distance as Suzy withers away
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