Jy Connection – The Andrew Costa Song tab

The Andrew Costa Song

By: The JY Connection


I found their second hit; it's kinda played Barenaked Ladies-style so
it's fun.  Enjoy it!


  G       Em       Am           D
This is about a little man from Burlingtown
  G       Em       Am            D7
He has short legs, a buzz cut he did himself
  G        Em       Am                    D
Sideburns, Not even, the woman at Gabby's likes his hair
  G           Em           Am               D
Jean Machine, Point Zero, Khakis, and the yellow stained collared shirts
  G  Em  Am  D7
(I'm here what the hell, I'm here whatever Guy!)
  G          Em          Am       D
Going to dance clubs, at nine to avoid the cover fine.

Chorus 2x:

C     D         G       Em
But besides the Broken English,
C     D         G            Em
But besides his Mexican Heritage,
C     D             G                 Em
But besides his Smelly, Smelly, Smelly Ass
C     D    G
We still Love Him (...hate him)
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