Demolition Love chords with lyrics by Jann Arden - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Jann Arden – Demolition Love chords

F    C

[Verse 1]
CCan you see my heart beating in my mouth
Am G/BThank god the bones will keep it there inside
CAnd you won't have to see this latest casualty
Am FAnd you can get yourself away from all my demolition love
[Verse 2]
CCan you hear me laugh, dazed and scared to death
Am G/BThank god my thoughts aren't drifting through the air
CAnd you would catch me there, bound so tightly to your knees
Am FThe dirt beneath your feet is all I need to be completely mad
CYeah, hey hey
C FYeah, hey hey
[Verse 3]
CCan you picture me here in Calgary
Am G/BThank god the voices screaming in my head
CWould sooner wish instead, than face the bitterness of loss
Am FI can take it now I know myself in demolition love
Am FDemolition love
Am FDemolition love
Am FDemolition love
CYeah, hey hey
CYeah, hey hey
C F CCan you see my heart
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