Overseas chords with lyrics by Jason Isbell - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Jason Isbell – Overseas chords


Em D

[Verse 1]

Em G DUsed to be a ghost town but even the ghosts got out.
CAnd the sound of the highway died.
D EmThere's ashes in the swimming pool.
[Verse 2]
Em G DI saw you on your wedding night and I watched you sleeping in my arms.
CYou didn't wash your makeup off.
DWoke up looking scared as hell.
Em G DMy love won't change. My love won't change. My love won't change a thing.
CYou're never coming back to me.
DYou're never coming back at all.
C B7The waiter made a young girl cry at the table next to mine last night.
Em D AmAnd I know you would have brought him to his knees.
CBut you're overseas.
[Break] Em D [Verse 3]
Em G DIt doesn't seem so long ago we thought that we could change their minds.
CStay here and fight it out.
DA love that we could weaponize.
Em G DBut I saw you losing faith and I was watching when the light went out.
CKnow what revolution means.
DAnd know it's not an option now.
Em G DMy love won't change. My love won't change. Our love won't change a thing.
C DI couldn't leave my father here, to finish up his life alone.
C B7I saw you in our daughter's eyes last night when she caught me in a lie.
Em D AmAnd I need you here to make both of us believe.
CBut you're overseas.
[Break] Em D
C B7Does your heart rest easy where you are?
EmAnd do they treat you like a star?
D AmAnd do they call you refugee?
CFrom overseas.
[Outro] Em D
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