Jimmie Rodgers – Away Out On A Mountain chords

CI packed my grip for a farewell trip
G7Kissed Suzy Jane goodbye at the fountain
F CI' m going says I to the land of the sky
G7 CAway out on the mountain
Where the wild sheep grows and the buffalo roams
G7And the squirrels are so many you can't count them
F CThen I'll make love to some turtle dove
G7 CWay out on the mountain
F C G7Oh le oh le he ho i de le lo le ho i de oh le he o le he oh oh
Cle he o ou le he ou ou do le he
CWhere the north winds blow and we're gonna have snow
G7And the rain and the hail comes bounding
F CThen I'll wrap myself in a grizzly bear coat
G7 CAway out on the mountain
Repeat yodel Where the snakes are vile and the zebras wild
G7And the beavers paddle on walking cane
F CThen I'll mend my boots with a buffalo hide
G7 CAway out on the mountain
Repeat yodel
CWhere the Whippoorwill sings me to sleep at night
G7And the eagle roosts on the rocks of the Spontan
F CThen I'll feast on the meat and the honey so sweet
G7 CAway out on the mountain
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