Jj Cale – Tell Daddy chords

Am   G#   C   F#m
F    E    Am  Bm   E D C E
C    F
C    F
Em   F
C    G
Am   G#   C   F#m
F    E    Am  Bm   E D C E

[Verse 1]
Am G#Lay your head on my pillow
C F#mClose your eyes like you do
F EAnd tell your Daddy
E Am Bm C DWhat's troubling you
C F C FDon't try to make it by yourself
C F C GYou will need some help from someone else
[Verse 2]
Am G#If your day don't seem just right
C F#mSo hard to get through the night
F ETell your Daddy
E Am Bm E D C Eto help you through
[Verse 3]
Am G#Don't wait don't hesitate
C F#mThrow away your troubles and communicate
F ELet your Daddy
E Am Am Bm Amhelp you through
[Instrumental] F Em F Em F Em G G [Verse 4]
Am G#If you take all that sadness to heart
C F#mAnd bear it all from the start
F EYou'll need somebody
E Am Bm C Dto help you through
[Verse 5]
Am G#It don't matter where you go
C F#mIf life's little luck don't seem to flow
F ETell your Daddy, tell your Daddy
E Am Am BmI'm here for you
[Outro] Am G# C D F D C E Am
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