John Prine – Just Waitin chords

G  C  D  G

[Verse 1]
GThe old maid's waitin' for leap year to come
C The crooner's just waitin' to sing
D The old cow's standin' by the Bull Durham sign
GJust waitin' for the grass to turn green
[Verse 2]
G The bar-fly's waitin' for an easy mark
C An' the hitch-hiker's waitin' for a ride
D The life-termer's waitin' for a prison break
GThe beachcomber's waitin' for a tide
[Verse 3]
G Farmer's daughter's waitin' for the salesman
C To take her into town
D An' the city slicker's waitin' for the country boy
GTo lay all his money down
[Verse 4]
G You know everything comes to a standstill
C Ain't nothin' seems to make a turn
D The worm must be waitin' for the early bird
GI guess the early bird's waitin' on the worm
[Verse 5]
G Nobody wants to do nothin'
C Just waitin' to get a finger in the pie
D Waitin' for a call from a big quiz show
GOr waitin' on some rich uncle to die
[Verse 6]
G Katy, she's waitin' at the garden gate
C Moonshiner's waitin' at the still
D The gambler's still waitin' for that ace in the hole
GAnd Jack's still waitin' on Jill
[Verse 7]
G Everybody's waitin' for somethin'
C Nothin' seems to turn out right
D 'Cause the night shift's waitin' for mornin'
GAnd the burglar's just waitin' on the night
[Verse 8]
G The congregation is waitin' for the preacher
C The preacher's just waitin' for the groom
D And the groom's just waitin' for the June bride
GAnd the bride's just waitin' for June
[Verse 9]
G Sunflower's waitin' for the sunshine
C Violet's just waitin' for dew
D Bee's just waitin' for honey
GAnd, honey, I'm just waitin' for you
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