The Gospel Of Mary chords with lyrics by Josh Ritter - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Josh Ritter – The Gospel Of Mary chords

Am G F G

[Verse 1]
AmWe left our home by dark of night
GJoseph and my boy and I
FWhen all the gunmen were asleep
GWe slipped into the forest
[Verse 2]
AmWe left everything behind
GJoseph €…and my boy and I
FTook only what we had to keep
GAnd the hopes they would not find us
[Verse 3]
AmWe prayed our prayers, we broke our bread
GWith others who had even less
FTill finally all we had were dreams
GAnd we hoped that they would fill us
[Verse 4]
AmWe lived on roots and the bark of trees
GJoseph and my boy and me
FDrank the water from the stream
GAnd hoped it would not kill us
[Verse 5]
AmA man offered a change of luck
GAll we had for a cargo truck
FWith fifty others in the back
GThey shut the door behind us
[Verse 6]
AmIt got so hot we could not breathe
GJoseph and my boy and me
FWhen we arrived, the sky was black
GThat's where I buried Joseph
[Verse 7]
AmThe river stole away my shoes
GThe soles of both my feet were bruised
FMy boy lay silent in my arms
GHis dreams were deep and soundless
[Verse 8]
AmThe day was long, the sun was high
GA hammer on an anvil sky
FBy the wall I fell and cried
GFor death was all around us
[Verse 9]
AmThey found me there where I had slept
GTheir handcuffs tight around my wrists
FShackles tight around my legs
GAs if I could escape you
[Verse 10]
AmAnd since I could not hold my babe
GYou took my only boy away
FAnd though I plead and though I beg
GThey won'€™t say where he's gone to
[Verse 11]
AmI'm tired now, my eyes are dry
GThere'€™s only me alone tonight
FIn a land I thought would be
GOurs if we could make it
[Verse 12]
AmA land that welcomes strangers in
GA land that beckoned like a friend
FIf I had the chance again
GI'd rather die than take it
[Verse 13]
AmThe holy family got away
GA simpler time, a simpler place
FAnd Egypt stretched out it's great hand
GTo welcome them with mercy
[Verse 14]
AmNow Joseph's dead out on the road
GMy boy is gone and I don't know
FWhere he is or where I am
GWith every breath, it hurts me
[Verse 15]
AmAnd you who stood at your great gates
GWatched us as we met our fate
FThen took our pride and stole our babe
GYou will one day die of something
[Verse 16]
AmBut as you rest your weary head
GYour family close around your bed
FMay your thoughts all fly instead
GTo the ones who you gave nothing
[Verse 17]
AmThe naked one, the starving child
GWho crawled the final brutal miles
FThrough blood and filth and rock and wild
GIn the hopes of only living
[Verse 18]
AmMay the pain within you dwell
GMay it follow you to hell
FAll alone in a lonely cell
GForever unforgiven
[Verse 19]
AmMay the pain within you dwell
GMay it follow you to hell
FAll alone in a lonely cell
GForever unforgiven
[Outro] Am G F G x3
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