Juice WRLD – Campfire Freestyle chords

Em    D     Bm      A

Em D Bm A(mumbling) Fall down
Em DI ain't finna fall down
Bm AFourth quarter, shorty, I'mma a ball out
Em DDon't go to work, baby call out
Bm AAin't no waitin', no stall now
Em D I'm finna ball out
Bm AFourth quarter, shorty, no call outs
Em DDon't go to work, baby, just call out
Bm A(uh) In the bedroom, all out
[Verse 1]
Em DPercs on the counter
BmI can't wait to take 'em
ABlunts on the counter
EmCan't wait to face it
DBad lil' bitch, yeah
BmShe be my favorite
A EmAll my songs, they all on her playlists
D BmI don't really know how to say it but I'mma say it
A GI don't really know if she take it but she could take it
AI don't slow it down unless I'm in the matrix
EmPresidential brain that bitch like Sarah Palin
DHere it go
Bm AI'm not the same nigga that I was a year ago
Em DI thank God every day for this, a miracle
Bm AIn the Trap House singing mingles, spirituals
Em D Bm A(Yeah) Aunt Jemima, best believe I'm in trap, goin' entry lining
Em DPull up on 'em with the Rollie, that's perfect timing
Bm AI guess that means that the stars aligning
[Verse 2]
Em DGonna sing like CeCe Winans
Bm AChanged shit just like the climate
Em DSit back in my seat reclining
Bm AI call that shit perfect timing
Em DI'm in another country getting new money
Bm AMy money act depression, yeah that's blue money
Em DFeeling like I had depression, I was blue or something
Bm A EmUntil I smoked a pack and then I blew or something (uh, uh)
D Bm AListen to the way that, my flow on this shit is off the top, like a wave cap
Em DPull up on the ceiling you get knocked like the bass back
Bm APut the Mac-11 bullet where your fucking face at
Em DEating good cocaine on a placemat
Bm AAnd that's what a bitch put her face at
GEating good cocaine on a placemat
AAnd that's what a bitch put her face at
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