Justin Hayward – Who Are You Now chords


Am G D C D G

[Verse 1]

Am G DWho are you now
C D GFirst love of mine?
Am G DIf you could see
C D GYou'd reach out for me
[Verse 2]
GIn hallways
G7And in secret doorways
CWere love's hiding places
DWith nowhere to go
G G7Goodbye, to the fields and byways
CI remember saying
DI don't want to leave
G D Am G D GCos you were all there was to know about me
[Interlude] Am G D C D G Am G D C D G [Verse 3]
G7On this crazy island
CA familiar stranger
DSleeps so far away
GBut wonder
G7In the eyes of children
CAnd the smile of fortune
DHelps the memory fade
G D Am G D GCos they are all there is to know About me
Am G DWho are you now
C D GMmmm Mmmm Mm Mmmm
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