Tropical Hawaiian Day chords with lyrics by Kaau Crater Boys - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Kaau Crater Boys – Tropical Hawaiian Day chords

F BbMountains roll down, to the sea,
C7 FI wish that you were here with me.
F BbThe waves are breaking along the shore,
C7 FIt`s not the same without you no more
F Bb C7 F F Bb C7 F Chorus: Whoa Whoa Whoa Whoa
(Repeat verse + chorus)
F BbWatch the sun lift off the sea,
C7 FCast a shadow off a tree.
F BbSoon the surfers will catch the wave,
C7 (2nd time C7 /) F (don't play F 2nd time) The beach will fill with local babes. Chorus: (Repeat verse + chorus)
F BbUp above the clear blue sky,
C7 FThe tourist cars come driving by.
F BbWind surfers across the bay,
C7 (2nd time C7 /) F (don't play F 2nd time) Just a tropical Hawaiian day.
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