Kabat - Chana S Rylou tab

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Artist: Kab?t
Album: Megahu, 1999
Chords by Bigone, bigone@mail.com

[A] Cha?a byla [D] holka [E] vod sko[A]tu
[A] v rukou m?la [D] s?lu jak slon [E] v chobo[A]tu
[A] Ryla jej? [D] kamar?dka [E] veli[A]k?
[A] kdo je na?tv? [D] ten bolest? [E] na??[A]k?

[E] To se jenom [A] zd?
?e n?co [F#] nejde tak jak [D] m???????
[A] Zkus?me to [D] silou [E] [A]
[A] jako Cha?a s [D] Rylou [E] [A]

Ryla bila krokod?la lopatou
star? Cha?a k?c? stromy za chatou
tabasco raj?ata vodka s?l
z krokod?la boty hlava stejku p?l


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