Kaiser Chiefs - Like It Too Much tab version 1

Like It Too Much - Kaiser Chiefs

Tuning: standard

                         Trying to be...

Free... Ce|-------------|B|--5----------|G|--5----------|D|--5----------|A|--3----------|E|-------------|
Whitey plays C as a single note on the record and holds it, live its the chord and strummed a few times during the build up. Chorus:
Cos you are... Descended from... G Dme|--3----------------------------------------------|B|--3--------------------6-------------------------|G|--4--------------------7-------------------------|D|--5--------------------7-------------------------|A|--5-----------------3--5-------------------------|E|--3--------1--3--5-------------------------------|
On the record whitey plays the G and D as single notes but live as chords and strums the Dm a few times before going back to G.
You look but you... C De|--------|B|--5--6--|G|--5--7--|D|--5--7--| strum D a few timesA|--3--5--|E|--------|
Whitey does this bit live but on the record hes just holding the single note D from the chorus. Interlude:
Cm e|--8---|B|--8---|G|--8---|D|--10--|A|--10--|E|--8---|
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh............. E|88888888888888887777777777777777666666666666666655555555555555554444444444444444 44444444--4--4--4--4--| Obviously after the chorus you go back to thumping on the G note and slide down at the end.
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