Kaiser Chiefs – Remember Youre A Girl tab

Remember You're A Girl
By the Kaiser Chiefs
Album: Off With Their Heads


Intro: Play this four times, then two more times after drums and singing come in.

Pick the one you likeLove the one you're with e|--------------------------------------------------|B|--------------------------------------------------|G|----1/--8/--1-------------------------------------| x 2 once for each lineD|----2/--9/--2-------------------------------------|A|----2/--9/--2-------------------------------------|E|--------------------------------------------------|
You're going down the wrong roadAnd it doesn't even matter e|---------------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------------|G|----1/--6-6-6-6-6-8/--1/--8/--1--------------------|D|----2/--7-7-7-7-7-9/--2/--9/--2--------------------|A|----2/--7-7-7-7-7-9/--2/--9/--2--------------------|E|---------------------------------------------------| (Listen to the song to get the proper strum pattern, its quite a mellow/soft song)
The song basically repeats itself after this but i haven't worked out the chorus. Pick the one you like Love the one you're with You're going down the wrong road And it doesn't even matter A prize in every pack Take it from the top You're going down the wrong road And it doesn't even matter Remember you're a girl, remember you're a boy Cause interesting people always spread the joy Interesting people, get away with it It's time to run the race We're all on the way Going down the wrong road and it doesn't even matter Show up on the day Take it all the way Youre living in the wrong time but it doesnt even matter Forget that you're a boy, forget that you're a girl Cause interesting people always rule the world Interesting people get away with it All the time Ooooh, ooooooh Well thats my first tab! Enjoy
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