Kaki King - You Dont Have To Be Afraid tab

Alright, I could not find a tab for this beautiful song anywhere, so I decided to make
myself.  A song like this is too complex to tab the whole thing out in detail, so I will
that you can embellish the chords that I give you.  I tabbed in standard tuning.  If you 
of a better way let me know at count.yellow.highway.lines@hotmail.com

;=change of chords

Part 1:  x2  (This is the part she sings over)

Uses basic chords  C, Am, Em.

Part 2: Play around with pattern (Eb?, Cm, G#, Cm)
Chords used. C x32010 Am x02210 Em 022000 Eb? x6504x Cm x35543 G# 466544 Lyrics: You don't have to be afraid of the pain inside you Tabbed By Samantha Leibel
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