Kalai - Fear Not The Wild Things tab

Here are the tabs for the intro to "Fear Not The Wild Things" (#8 on the six strings 
I hope it works! Let me know what you think.

Notes: 1. Played using bar chords
2. Basic pattern of finger picking throughout intro, the root note is
the only thing that changes for the most part.
3. Only three fingers are used while plucking strings, the thumb,
Index, and Middle.
4. Spacing isn't perfect when doing tabs so notes that are to be
played together may not be "in line" with each other (vertically)
but i put them as close as i could, experiment, you'll figure it

(Em) (C7)e|---------------7--------------|----------------8------------------|B|----8---------8-------8-------|-----8---------8------------8------|D|----9------9-------9-----9----|-----9------9-----------9-------9--|G|-----------9-----9------------|------------8--------8-------------|A|--7-----7---------------------|-----------------------------------|E|------------------------------|--8------8-------------------------|
(Em) (B7)e|---------------7--------------|----------------7------------------|B|----8---------8-------8-------|-----7---------7------------7------|D|----9------9-------9-----9----|-----8------8-----------8-------8--|G|-----------9-----9------------|------------7--------7-------------|A|--7-----7---------------------|-----------------------------------|E|------------------------------|--7------7-------------------------|
(Em) (C7)e|---------------7--------------|---------------8-------------------|B|----8---------8-------8-------|-----8---------8------------8------|D|----9------9-------9-----9----|-----9------9-----------9-------9--|G|-----------9-----9------------|------------8--------8-------------|A|--7-----7---------------------|-----------------------------------|E|------------------------------|--8------8-------------------------|
The intro is almost done... here comes the hard part. After the second C7, the chord progression stays the same (Em,C7,Em,B7) exept the Em and B7 split the measure (two beats a piece). I'm sure you can figure out the picking pattern. After those two (Em & B7) share the measure, it goes like this: (this is the part that like it's winding downward)
(Em) (D) (C) (B7)e|----------------------------------------------7--|B|----8-----------7-----------5------------7-------|D|----9---------------7-----------5--------8-------|G|--------------------7-----------5----------------|A|--7-----7----5----------3------------------------|E|---------------------------------------7---------|
And that's it, it starts over at the beginning of the song, going from B7 back to Em. The end is a little sketchy still, i'm working on it, feel free to add comments though, like to see what you guys think. It souds good when i play it but sorry for wasting your if it was a complete failure!
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