Kano - This Is The Girl Acoustic tab

Song: This the girl (acoustic)
Artist: Kano ft. Craig David

this is a GUN song to play.. uhmms ive only got this so far but if you dont like it pls 
umms there are a few extra bits in the song but i learn it later so yeah stick with this 

my friend Patrick helps me look for acoustic songs and he found this one.. and he also 
there were no tabz for it so wat i did was learn it for him and here it is.
NOTE: i dnt really noe the real names for these chords but yeah

Em6e|-7-|B|-8-|G|-7-| or you could use Em in the strumming part of the songD|-9-|A|-7-|E|-x-|
D6e|-5-|B|-5-|G|-7-| in the song this chord changes alotD|-7-|A|-5-|E|-x-|
C6e|-3-|B|-3-|G|-5-| this also changes alot as wellD|-5-|A|-3-|E|-x-|
now for the song: Em6 D6 C6 D6e|----------|----------|----------|------|------|B|----8---8-|---5----5-|----3---3-|----3-|----5-|G|---7--7---|----7--7--|---5--5---|---5--|---7--| then repeat until chorusD|--9----9--|--7---7---|--5----5--|--5---|--7---|A|-7--------|-5--------|-3--------|-3----|-5----|E|----------|----------|----------|------|------|
Chorus: just strum the chords, to get the strumming listen to the song hey Pat, hope you like this tab
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