Kansas – Cheyenne Anthem chords

Kansas - Cheyenne Anthem from Leftoverture
Transcribed by Cory (coryp23@gmail.com). August 2011

| C G/B | Am Em | Dm F | C ||--15-17-------12-|-----------|-------------------12-13-|-15--20--||--------15-------|-13-15 ----|----------12-13-15-------|---------||-----------------|-------12--|----12-14----------------|---------||-----------------|-----------|-15----------------------|---------||-----------------|-----------|-------------------------|---------||-----------------|-----------|-------------------------|---------|
C G/B AmFrom the mountains to the sun
C G/B AmLife has only just begun
G Bm We wed this land and pledged
D EsusOur souls to meet it's end
C G/B AmLife has only just begun
C G/B AmHere my people roam the earth
C G/B AmIn the kingdom of our birth
G Bm D Esus Where the dust of all our horses hides the sun
C G/B Am D sus4 sus2 DWe are mighty on the earth, on the earth
DmYou have come to move me
Bb Em Take me from my ancient home
BmLand of my fathers I can't leave you now
CWe will share it with you
D Bm CNo man owns this earth we're on
Em Gm
DmNow the wheels are rolling
Bb EmHear the howling winds of war
BmIt's my destiny to fight and die
C But is there no solution
D Bm C EmCan we find no other way, Lord, let me stay
D Dsus2Under the endless sky
D Dsus2And the earth below
F#7 Bm F#mHere I was born to live
Dm Am Bb CAnd I will never go, oh no
Dm CBut we cannot endure
Dm GLike the earth and the mountains
Dm CLife is not ours to keep
Dm GFor a new sun is rising
Gm | C | Gm | C | Gm | C | Em | A |
Em | A | Em | A7 | Dm into long instrumental section
C G/B AmSoon these days shall pass away
C G/B AmFor our freedom we must pay
G D EsusAll our words and deeds are carried on the wind
C G/B Am BbIn the ground our bodies lay, here we'll stay
Outro: (hopefully this makes sense, 3 bars 4/4, 2 bars 3/4 and another 4/4 bar, then repeat. ending on Bb at the last repeat. The slash chords are just following the bass line) 1 2 3 4 1 2 3 4 Bb Bb/A Gm Gm/Bb | Eb Eb/Bb Dm | Cm Eb /Bb Db | Fm | Bb Fm | Gb Ab | Bb Bb/A Gm Gm/Bb | Eb Eb/Bb Dm | Cm Eb /Bb Db | Fm | Bb Fm | Gb Ab | Bb Bb/A Gm Gm/Bb | Eb Eb/Bb Dm |
Cm Eb /Bb Db | Fm | Ohhhhhhhohhhhhhhahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
Bb Fm | Gb Ab | Bb
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