Kanye West – The One chords

Hey It's Progressiverocker Big GOOD MUSIC/Kanye Fan. Here's ANother track from his CRUEL
SUMMER. Hope You like.

[Hook: Marsha Ambrosius]
A C#mThe storm is on the horizon
F#mI’m standing here alone
DGot a pistol on my hip
EAnd it's gon' be some shit
AIf you want it then bring it on
C#mSee I'm a motherfuckin' soldier
F#mAnd I’mma be here till it’s done
DAnd when they asking who I'm is, shit
E AYou just tell them that I’m the one
C#m(One, one, one)
F#mTell them that I’m the one
D(One, one, one)
ATell them that I’m the one
Just repeat for the ENTIRE (lol) song, Ummm if you notice in that last part of the chorus I couldn't tell if it continued the Patter of C#m-F#m-D-E-A But i left it as C#m-F#m-D-A, do however you want for that last part, i couldn't really tell. But Hopefully you like :D
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