Kara Dioguardi - Strangers Angels tab

Play it 3 half steps down. 

Why is that man taking all my time bringing me down cuz he's
D/F# Em D
beggin for a dime
Em D
why dont he get a job 

why is that girl holding up the line dont she know i've got 
D/F# Em D
somewhere to be got a busy night 
Em D
why don't she hurry up 

F Em-C
sometimes it feels like they're all against me
standing in my way 

G D 
but what if these strangers are telling me something 
Am C
oh i gotta slow up I'm always in a rush 
G D Am 
what if these strangers are really my lessons and the little i 
have is gonna be enough 
G/B F 
maybe i should be thankful stop being so ungrateful what if 
Am G Em D Em D
these strangers, just what if they're angels. what if they're angels from above

is not an unsigned band is American Idol's Judge Kara
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