Kara's Flowers - Good At Being Gone tab

Good At Being Gone
By Karaís Flowers
Tabbed by Joe Chammas

Chords Usede|--2----3----0----0--|B|--3----3----0----2--|G|--2----0----0----2--|D|--0----0----2----2--|A|-------2----2----0--|E|-------3----0-------| D G Em A
Verse: D I've taken time G To think about the words I said and what they mean D And I've realized G That having you is just like having everything Chorus: Em A When I see you dancing there Em A I get up and I throw my hands in the air Em When Iíve nowhere else to roam A D I slowly start to think about coming home Itís pretty much the same pattern throughout the whole song with a slight variation during the solos. The final chorus is something like this: Em(strum once) When Iíve nowhere else to roam A(strum once) D G D I slowly start to think about coming hooo oooh oooh ooome And to make up for not tabbing out the solos, hereís the closing lick of the song:
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