Kari Jobe – The Cross Is My Confession chords

Db   Ebm Bbm       Ab    F#
Db F# BbmApproach my soul, the mercy seat
Ab Where's Jesus answers prayer
F#For none can perish there
Ab F# BbmYour promise is my only plea
AbYou gather broken souls
F# Fm F#Oh, healer draw me close
Bbm Db F# Bowed down beneath a weight of sin
Bbm DbBy war without and fears within
AbOh, the cross
F#Oh, the cross
Ab DbThe cross is my confession
Ebm BbmYour cross Jesus
F# DbYou are my shield
BbmAnd now In Christ
AbI'll face my every foe
Db F#And tell them they have died
Db O wondrous love
Eb BbmEternal life
AbAs we all plead your name
DbAll sinners such as I,
F# DbBy grace received my soul be still
F# Bbm AbYour work in me both power and will
DbOh, the cross
Ab F#Oh, the cross
Ab DbThe cross is my confession
Oh..., your cross
Db Cm BbmFor I believe in God the father
AbAnd in his son there is no othe
r F# Db His very life living inside (repeat 4X)
Ab F#This I confess my righteousness
Ab F# DbHis very life living inside
Ebm BbmJesus, your cross
your cross
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