Kari Rueslatten - My Lover chords

                                 My Lover

AmMy lover always meets me with a smile
F GMy lover always kind, always patient
AmMy lover like honey and milk
F GMy lover on a cold November morning
Am EmBut on the former Sunday I gave him in
F G B-C#And on the former Sunday he went away
Am EmAll the grief that I have caused is
F GNothing now, compared to this
Am EmAll the grief that I have given him
F GIs nothing now, compared to this
F AmAnd I can see him as he lies there
F G AmAnd I can see him in his grave
AmMy lover on a bed in the evening mist
F GTender and pure in his last moment
AmMy lover on a bed, spreads his beautiful hair
F GOut on the pillow - out on me
by Kari Rueslåtten
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