Karl Ryan - Dead Morning chords

{title: Dead Morning}
{subtitle: The Big Seagull ]     Capo 2nd Fret.  Nb F is played X33210
[C]         [F]        [C]         [F]
[C]I never made the bed,
[F]Slept on the couch instead,
[C]Snuggled in real tight until I [F]drifted away.

[C]And I had a dream,
[F]I had a dream about you,
[C]I was lying beside you with [F]nothing to do,
[C]And the sun started to rise [F]over every hill,
[C]And I scratched my eyes,
For it[F] wasn't.    it wasn't  what you [C]will,
They were burning [F]it all,
They didn't want it [C]anymore and they'd decided not to [F]kill.
So I went [C]outside [F]to see what they were doing
[C]The kids started to tell me ...[F] they;re burning it all 
[C]And I asked them what?
[F] And they smiled at me and they said...

[C]They're buring uranium and they're [F]buring it for you
[C]And they're burning uranium ..they're [F]burning it for you,
[C]So I told them tell [F]them to burn it all,
[C]And they laughed to themselves [F]while they ran away,
[C]So I climbed into bed , 
And I [F]drifted away,
[C]Woke in the morning with [F]nothing to say, 
[C]Cause theyr'e buring uranium and [F]theyr'e burning it for you,
[C}You told them burn it all we didn't want [F]they're big ball. 
[C] [F] ad lib to finish.  ............

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