Karmin – Take It Away chords

Left handed
Guitar Chords:

F   /  Ab  /  Eb  /  Bb  (continue throughout song)

Stupid simple mind games, pushing til Im insane
Working through the day and night
Strutting with my headphones, no one knows what I know
Got no time to be polite
And the world says, baby dont worry, baby dont worry at all
Roller coaster seat belt, motion sickness soft shell
Maybe Im just not cut out

But I can feel it, no one can steal it
They re gonna call my name
Not gonna stop now, not gonna step down
Cause I can hear em say

Take it away, take it away, take it away, yeah! (2X)

Leading with my right hand, cant afford the name brand
Gotta give it all I got
Had a taste of lime light, sweet and sour just right
Now I cant escape the thought
And the world says, baby dont worry, baby dont worry at all
Praying running up hill, stage is my cathedral
Baby I can see the light


Bright flashes, full glasses
Now get up sing your song for the masses
Close both eyes, feel the sunrise
You thank God for the journey when you realize
Long nights mean nothing at all
Bright lights you can hear em call
Got my poster up on your wall?
We re in a storm now keep yourself calm
Stop  hit it  break  kill it
Anybody know the odds when I deal it?
Anybody get up the guts to play?
Cause you only live once better live for the day


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