Karmin – Brokenhearted chords ver. 6



Verse 1:
C AmThis is more than a typical kinda thing
FFelt the joints in my bones where you were touching me
G Cadd9Didn't want to take it slow
C AmIn the days, going crazed, I can barely think
FYou're replaying in my brain, find it hard to sleep,
G Cadd9Waiting for my phone to blow
CNow I'm here in a sticky situation
CGot a little trouble, yep and now i'm pacin'
AmFive minutes, ten minutes, now it's been an hour
AmDon't wanna think too hard, but i'm sour
F G C Oh oh, I can't seem to let you go
F C Cadd9See i've been waiting all day
Am Am7For you to call me baby
F FSo let's get up, let's get on it
G F CDon't you leave me broken hearted tonight
CCome on, that's right
F C Cadd9Honest baby i'll do
Am Am7Anything you want to
F FSo can we finish what we started
G CDon't you leave me broken hearted tonight
Repeat for other verses
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