Kasabian – By My Side tab

By My Side
By JJ Grey and Mofro
Transcribed by Slobrien (aka Mike O)

use an open E chord trilling the G note on sixth string
for all E Chords

E                E
There, there's a time
      G          A          E
and a place for everything
               E                  E
Hear these fools tell you who you are
         G           A         E
but you don't hear a doggone thing
                 E           E
And maybe that's why, why I love you
             G     A             E
Maybe that's how I feel your pain
          E                   E
Cuz we're both falling down
          G        A          E
and there ain't nobody to blame

G  A          E        C  D           E
I ain't going nowhere  I ain't gonna hide
G  A          E        C    D           E
I ain't going nowhere  with you by my side

There, there's a road
         G        A          E
that we walk but cannot see
           E             E
Feel its spirit come and go
         G             A       E
make me whole shape me out of clay
        E              E
Now you know just how feeble
        G      A       E
and how weak a man can be
And still you're pleased,
 E                    G    A      E
pleased to be with me any anyway

Repeat Chorus  2x
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