Kasabian - Empire drum

Kasabian Empire - Drumming tab

VerseNo:1234| x6HH|----|RC|xxxx|S |-o-o|B |o-o-|T1|----|T2|----|FT|----|C |----|
Verse part2No:1+2+3+4+| x6HH|xxXxxxXx|RC|--------|S |--o---o-|B |o---o---|T1|--------|T2|--------|FT|--------|C |--------|
Chorus (2nd part)No:1+e+2+e+3+e+4+e+| x7 No:1+e+2+e+3e+4e+| No:1+e+2+e+3+e+4+e+| x8HH|----X-------X---| HH|----X---------| HH|----X-------X---|S |----o-------o---| S |----o---oooooo| S |----o-------o---|B |o--o----o--o----| B |o--o---o------| B |o--o----o--o----|C |X---------------|
22 bars of instrumental7 bars restNo:1234|RC|b-b-|
11th bar
No:1+e+2+e+3+e+4+e+|RC|b-------b-------|FT|ooo-o-o-ooo-o-o-|FT starts v quiet and gets louder until
end of 22 bars when back in with chorus Structure: Verse Verse part2 Chorus Chorus part 2 Bridge Verse Verse part2 Chorus Chorus part2 22 bars of instrumental Chorus Chorus part2 Chorus Tabber: MattOfDerbyshire
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