Kasabian - The Green Fairy chords

(not sure about the lyrics, I found them somewhere on the internet)

EOh green fairy
BmWhat you've done to me
Ab7There's a nothing in the sky
Ab7Waiting to get high
EI went up for some milk
BmThree days ago
Ab7Now they crowd me in the street
Ab7You knock me off my feet
Fm EAh ah ah
Bm G C#Ah ah ah ah ah aha ha
C#Ah ah ah ha ah
C#m AbHere's that romance...
C#m AbLeaning toward her mind
BDo you love
F#Like you love her
AbWhen you're gone
C#m AbmMay today I got someone prettier than
F#I got the eyes of a mad man
F#I cannot run
C#mHow does it feel to live a life
AbmWhere nothing is real,
F#So just send me
AbmDown the river
C#m AbPride and romance
C#m AbKill the one you love
B F#Your mind.. makes you much older
AbThen you're gone
C#m AbmI am not gonna wait for tomorrow
F# AbmI just sit back and wait for the sign
C#m AbmI am not gonna celebrate my freedom
F# AbmSo just send me down the river
C#mNa na na
AbmNa na na na na na na
F#Na na na na na
F#Na na na na
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