Kasabian – Days Are Forgotten tab ver. 2

Song: Days Are Forgotten
Artist: Kasabian
Album: Velociraptor (2011)

Tuning: Standard

Not many good tabs for this so I thought I'd have a go at it myself.

Intro/verse riff:

Alternatively, you can replace the 5 on the G string with a 3 on the A string. They're both a C note, but it depends which octave you think sounds better. Chords for verse: Am (most of it)
Until this E chord comes in at "to take me, to take me over":
Rhythm guitar chorus: Am Days F G Days are forgotten Am Now it's all over F Simply forgotten G How to disappear Lead guitar riff (repeat through chorus 8 times):
In 2nd verse there is one chord change in a line: Am Cos I am flipping bag of bones F I am righting all your wrongs Am You may call it suicide Am But I'm being born again, I'm waiting Continue with verse and chorus! Bridge: E I saw something E Out there on the dark E It's the E You was at home E Am F Am Chewing on monkey brains F I am not here F I'm just a silhouette E You will never E Ever ever forget Thanks, any comments or corrections are welcome.
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