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Kasabian – Lsf tab

KASABIAN: L.S.F. (lost souls forever)

The song is very simple, just E A and G in the chorus
A:002220/ 577655
G:320002/ 355433
The bass line is(more or less): for the verse:

for the chorus:
VERSE 1: E I'm on it, get on it, The troops are on fire! A Ya know I need it, much closer I'm trading (or treading) just a little more E Step on it, electronic The troops are on fire! A I'm much deeper, a sleeper E Waiting for the final trip [little piano solo on E chord] VERSE 2: E Come on it, get on it I'm carving thru a letterbomb A I need it, like potions E These drugs are just an hour away Come on it, electronic A A polyphonic prostitute, the motor's on fire Messiah for the animals E A Ahhhh, Ahhhh CHORUS: E G Ah, oh come on! A E We got our backs to the wall! E G Get on! And watch out! A E Sayin, "Yer gonna kill us all!" [Little piano interlude again] REPEAT VERSE 1 CHORUS 2: E G Ah, oh come on! A E Said We got our backs to the wall! E G Get on! And watch out! A E Uh! Before you kill us all!" [CHORUS 2 again] Then to finish theres the chorus but without the singing just Ahhhh Ahhh-ing
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