Kasabian - Sunriselightflies tab

This is a great new song by Kasabian, one of 
the highlights of the new album.  
This song is mainly driven by synth, 
violin, and bass.  The song is based 
around D#.  If anyone wants 
to give the bass a go mess around in 
the b flat pentatonic scale.

Intro/Main Guitar Riff:e------------------|B------------------|G-8-8-6-8--8-8-6-8-|D-8-8-6-8--8-8-6-8-|A-6-6-4-6--6-6-4-6-|E------------------| etc.
Intro/Main Synth Riff:
Violin Riff:
If you want to play it on one guitar just play Eb C# Bb C# and the violin riff. Any comments, corrections, etc my email is Seifer_Alamasy@yahoo.com
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