Kasabian - Last Trip In Flight tab

Alright, I want to keep this tab
as simple as possible.  So I'm going to


e--------------------------------|B--------------------------------|G--------------------------------|D--------------------------------|A-5(x24)/10(x24)/5(x24)/10(x24)--|E--------------------------------| etc.
Riff 1:
Pre Chorus:
D Riffe------------------|B------------------|G------------------|D---------3-5-3----|A-5(x12)---------5-|E------------------|
G Riffe-------------------|B-------------------|G-------------------|D---------8-10-8----|A-10(x12)--------10-|E-------------------|
Chorus Riff:
e-----------|B-3---------|G-2---------|D-0-3-5-3-0-|A-----------|E-----------| The D chord is played more than once before the 3-5-3-0 riff.
It's an incredibly easy song, just listen to put it all together. These are ALL the guitar parts. During the chorus the bass drives the melody, the guitar accents it. All I know is that on bass you play these notes, D C B A. Thats the main melody. The bass player plays a little riff after that, but you can play these notes and its alright. Ok! Comments, additions, suggestions, questions, etc! Leave a comment or email me at Seifer_Alamasy@yahoo.com
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