Kasabian - Running Battle tab version 1

This song is pretty simple

It is basically based around two chords Am and C, but it starts off with a
single a note (7th Fret on the D string)

You can play it like this: (notes in brakets are optinal, this is really of an for because on the record the guitar only really plays one note) Am Cadd6 (the added 6th is the "A" held over)e--------------------------------------|B--------------------------------------|G----------------------------(7)(7)----|D--7---7---7--7----7----------7--7-----| Etc.A-(7)-(7)-(7)(7)--(7)-------(10)(10)---|E--5---5---5--5----5----------8--8-----|
Thr echoeye----------5--------5-----7h8-7-------|B------8---------8----------------8---|G-------------------------------------|D-------------------------------------|A--0------------0---------------------|E-------------------------------------|There's loads of otehr sythns and stuff but thats essentially the guitarSounds good acoustic
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