Kasey Chambers – Last Hard Bible tab

ARTIST:   Kasey Chambers
ALBUM:    The Captain
SONG:     Last Hard Bible

CHORDS by Marvin2Shoes

Capo 4th fret (as the artist intended, if you don't have one, buy one... they are
still making them) ;-)

First and last choruses are sung acapella
I sold my [G] last hard bible just to pay my bills
I called my mother to re[D]serve me in her will
And the [G] pay I'm getting every Thursday night
Well it [C] just don't seem enough
Well [G] money can buy me a hell of a lot
But it [D] sure won't buy me [G] love 

Well I bought me a [G] car
And I bought me a road train
The car won't [C] go
The train's too [G] slow
So I found me a mansion
On the highest hillside
Bigger then this [F] town
But [D] it don't feel like [G] home 

[repeat CHORUS]

Well I spent my [G] cash
On a brand new heartache
I spent my [C] time
Trying to make it [G] back
He took my heart
And he took my savings
He took the [F] train 
And [D] left me on the [G] tracks 

[repeat CHORUS]
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