Kashmir – The Push tab

##The push - Kashmir##
tabbet af Simon Toft Hansen.
mail: mr_wiseguy83@hotmail.com

kashmir plays this tune with a capo on the 2nd fret.
Some parts of the song are a little obscure(read: the part before 2nd chorus).

    E5       Esus4  E     A        E         Hsus4  H       A           
The city is a trap.    in which we fling our worries.   and grasp for 

E           Hsus4  G#m    A(see * for details)    H
somebody's promise of the good life.

    E  E/d#    C#m    /c  E7/h       A          E       Hsus4  H
Forever changing plans,           restrained by envious spirits. 

    A          E            Hsus4  G#m        A        H
and wanting to want to give in and go for the country. 

*: there is a melody played here, that kasper does a lot of variations on live.
An easy way to play it would be:

so it's actually an Amaj7 chord the way I see it. OK, moving on... the other parts of the verses are played the same way, only just before the chorus they don't play that last H, they just keep playing Amaj7. C#m C#m/h C#m/a G# G#7 C#m F#m the push. the shock. the handshake that could be changing your A G#m C#m C#m/h C#m/a G# G#7 Dsus2 direction. the mees. and the chaos. the sounds of someone close Am H7 E(just for the ending) to falling apa - rt. I haven't figured out the "obscure" part leading to the 2nd chorus, but anyway there's not much guitar on it. håber i kan bruge den!
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