Kashmir – Lampshade tab

   /Kashmir       / I think this song has taken much from Kasper Eistrup to write, as he sings
  /Lampshade     /  about his inner hate for a paedophile person he knows, and how much he
 /The Good Life /   really would like to kill him! Think of emotional courage it takes -
/______________/    I could write a book about it, but here's just the tabs...

- Here are the chords used: D D/C# D/B D/A E Em F# G Gm G6 e|---2----2------2-----2----0---0-----2----3---3----0---| b|---3----3------3-----3----0---0-----2----3---3----0---| g|---2----2------2-----2----1---0-----2----0---3----0---| d|---0----x------0-----0----2---2-----4----0---5----0---| a|--------4------2-----0----2---2-----4----2---5----2---| e|--------------------------0---0-----2----3---3----3---|
Gmaj7 G/B G/A G/E A Asus4 A6sus4 Bm/F# |---2------3-----3-----3----0-----0-------2--------2---| |---3------3-----3-----3----2-----3-------3--------3---| |---0------0-----0-----0----2-----2-------2--------4---| |---0------0-----0-----0----2-----2-------2--------4---| |---2------2-----0-----2----0-----0-------0--------2---| |---3------------------0---------------------------2---|
- In the song are also two small fill-ins noted as 'Riff-1' and 'Riff-2':
Riff-1: Riff-2: |-2---2-2-2----2-2-|-2----2-2-2----2-2-| |-0---0-0-0-------0---| |-3---3-3-3p2--2-2-|-2h3--3-3-3p2--2-2-| |-2---2-2-2-2h3p2-2-2-| |-4---4-4-4----4-4-|-4----4-4-4----4-4-| |-2---2-2-2-2-----2-2-| |-4---4-4-4--------|-4--------4--------| |-2---2-2-2-2-----2-2-| |-2---2-2-2--------|-2--------2--------| |-0---0-0-0-----------| |-2---2-2-2--------|-2--------2--------| |---------------------|
INTRO: D D/B A6sus4 Gmaj7|-2---2-2-2-2---2-2---|-----2-2-2-2---------|-----------2---------|-----2-2-2-2---2-2---||-3---3-3-3-3---3-3---|-----3-3-3-3---3-3-3-|-----3-3-3-3---3-3-3-|-----3-3-3-3---3-3---||-2-----2---2---------|-------2-2-2---2-2-2-|-----2-2-2-2---2-2-2-|-----0-0-0-0-----0---||-0---------0---------|-----------0---------|-----2-2-2-2---2-2-2-|-----0-----0-----0---||---------------------|-2-------------------|-0-------------------|-----------2-----2---||---------------------|---------------------|---------------------|-3-------------------|
D D/B A6sus4 Gmaj7|-----2-2-2-2---2-2---|-----------2---------|-----------2---------|-----2-2-2-2---2-2-2-||-----3-3-3-3---3-3---|-----3-3-3-3---3-3---|-----3-3-3-3---3-3-3-|-----3-3-3-3---3-3-3-||-----2-2-2-2---------|-----2-2-2-2---2-2---|-----2-2-2-2---2-2-2-|-----0-0-0-0---0-0-0-||-0---------0---------|-----0-0-0-0---0-0---|-----2-2-2-2---2-2-2-|-----------0-----0---||---------------------|-2-------------------|-0-------------------|---------------------||---------------------|---------------------|---------------------|-3-------------------|
G6 G Gmaj7 G6 G|-0---0-0---3---3-3-3-|-----2-2-2-2---2-2-2-|-0---0-0-0-3---------||-0---0-0---3---3-3-3-|-----3-3-3-3---2-3-3-|-0---0-0-0-3---------||-0---0-----0-----0---|-----0-0-0-0---0-0-0-|-0-----0---0---------||---------------------|-----------0-----0---|---------------------||---------------------|---------------------|---------------------||---------------------|-3-------------------|---------------------|
1st VERSE: D D/B A6sus4 A You'd be surprised if you looked through the eyes of a no -va Em Gm Bm/F#* *Riff-1 Not recognizing the molehills on top of the star D D/C# D/B D/A E Cheerful and swollen he waves from his seat in a Rover Gm That is his car 2nd VERSE: D D/B A6sus4 A* *Riff-2 You wouldn't doubt him to shake the most powerful hands of impor -tance Em Gm Bm/F#* *Riff-1 Changing the world as we know it by leaving his ink D D/C# D/B D/A E To judge from the fence 'round his house he must love all his children Gm That's what you think CHORUS: D But there's no time to think Asus4 A Have a pill and a shrink G/B G/A G G/E D Just don't show us how you sweat Asus4 Making love to your kids A G/B G/A G G/E D Is the last love that you will e -ver get A G/B G/A G G/E A You're a vanishing image of what I thought I knew F# But it comes to show Bm/F# A E Gm That the man I know 3rd VERSE: D D/B A6sus4 A* *Riff-2 Is kissing that cheek that she had lifted up for her forty first birth -day Em Gm Bm/F#* *Riff-1 Love is when someone you trust cuts a smile in your face D D/C# D/B D/A E Boy had a dog and poor girl had a stroke like an earthquake Gm Now dog is a bird CHORUS: D But there's no time to think Asus4 A Have a pill and a shrink G/B G/A G G/E D Just don't show us how you sweat Asus4 Making love to your kids A G/B G/A G G/E D Is the last love that you will e -ver get A G/B G/A G G/E A You're a vanishing image of what I thought I knew F# But it goes to show Bm/F# A E That the man I know Bm/F# A E Has a fa -ding glow Bm/F# A E Gm In a white lampshade (the following four verses are played from a bass, but Ablari has a good suggestion on how to play it on guitar - look at lampshade-chords version 3) 4th VERSE: Tell me lampshade the truth did you cover his soul Did you protect all the horrible I shall tear you apart so that everyone knows What he's been carrying around 5th VERSE: Tell me lampshade what is it you're trying to hide Under your stinky old corduroy I shall rip and be shattered by the shrapnel of light That I've been choking on always 6th VERSE: There is a dog barking close within the range of my ear Sounds like he wants to escape the chain He would probably bite me to death if he could But the chain lets me spit in his face 7th VERSE: Like the dog has a chain clinging tight to its neck This man is tied to his secrecy I would like to have killed him off in this last verse But instead I removed his lampshade
SOLO (the bends have to be done quickly for this to sound good) [played from an electric guitar with a lot of distortion]:|--------------------------|---------------------|--------------------------|-------------------------------||-3-----5-----7------10----|--9----(9)-----------|-3-----5-----7------10----|-12-----(12)-------------------||-6b7---7b9---9b11---13b14-|-11b13p11b13r11-9~---|-6b7---7b9---9b11---13b14-|-14b16---14b16r14-13~-13-11----||--------------------------|---------------------|--------------------------|----------------------------14-||--------------------------|---------------------|--------------------------|-------------------------------||--------------------------|---------------------|--------------------------|-------------------------------| -shade Uhh
|-----------x------x-x-------|----------------------------|-------------|----------|----------|----------||-3-----5---x-7----x-x-10----|--9------(9)----------------|--8----------|----------|----------|----------||-6b7---7b9-x-9b11-x-x-13b14-|-11b13---11b13r11-9~---9-11-|-11b12-------|----------|----------|----------||-----------x------x-x-------|----------------------------|--------bend-|-this-----|----------|----------||----------------------------|----------------------------|--throughout-|-these----|----------|----------||----------------------------|----------------------------|--four-empty-|-measures-|----------|----------| Removed his lampshade
OUTRO (pretty simple):|-2-------||-3-------||-2-------||-0-------||---------||---------|
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