Kashmir - Melpomene tab

Kashmir - melpomene.
tabbed by Simon Toft Hansen.

Csus2 Bm7 Dsus4 D7--3-----2-----3----2-----------------------------------------------|--3-----3-----3----1-----------------------------------------------|--5-----2-----2----2-----------------------------------------------|--5-----4-----0----0-----------------------------------------------|--3-----2----------------------------------------------------------|-------------------------------------------------------------------|
there isn't any guitar on the first verse, but I tabbed them anyway. Csus2 Bm7 something tells me that I'm left without a chance Csus2 in my supicious attempts to get her close Bm7 enough to close my lips around her smile now I can't close my eyes when she's around Csus2 she is around Em (Dsus4) D passing like the wind that shapes the clouds Bm7 Csus2 she is around, she is around
-----------------------------------------|-----------------------------------------|---------------------2-------------------|--------4-----4--------4-----------------|---2--2---2-2----2-2---------------------|-----------------------------------------|play the part above twice.
Csus2 Bm7 I don't know how but suddenly it has been a while Csus2 and we've been walking in through that same front door Bm7 undressing like there were no parts to hide and calling each other names we never had Csus2 you never heard Em and then an unexpected turn Dsus4 D and we hit the kerb Bm7 Csus2 a stupid term, a fatal word ------ The tricky part about the chorus is that the first time they play it, they play a C instead of Am, which they play the second time. Here's the way i play it. You don't have to play the melody, but that's what Kasper does live.
C flutter girl Em killing me with her sunshine Dsus4 D sun - shine C she's so unaware C G D D7 that she's my melpomene ----- the next part I borrowed from the other version on this site. I wouldn't play the chords in this part, but the bass can use the notes. C C/h you broke the code Am Em just like I'm sure you always do D C without intentions but I know Em D that's how I broke away from you Bm C now that the clouds are obsolete G Am I hope you landed on your feet Em without those evil demons ----- I can't figure out the guitar in this next section, but anyway it looks like Kasper does something completely different live. And here's how that sounds:
keeping... running out of time...----*----------*--------------*--------------|----*----------*--------------*--------------|----9----------11-------------9--------------|----*----------*--------------*--------------|----7----------9--------------7--------------|---(0)---------*--------------*--------------|
drown... wine... naive... give... receive... jaded... out of function...--*--------*--------*-------*--------*----------*---------*---------|--*--------*--------*-------*--------*----------*---------*---------|--12-------11-------9-------7--------5----------4---------8---------|--*--------*--------*-------*--------*----------*---------*---------|--10-------9--------7-------5--------3----------2---------6---------|--*--------*--------*-------*--------*----------*---------*---------|
keeping you reminded of the wars they pulled us through as fragile hearts ran short of glue as we're both running out of time and seek to drown the fact in wine it should be honest and naïve like we should give, we should receive I must be jaded fading out of function into solitude ------- this next part is played with power chords. Warning: do not confuse these chords for major or minor or whatever.
chords for solo: A E F#? D C H--*---*---*---*---*---*----------------------------------|--*---*---*---*---*---*----------------------------------|--*---*---*---7---5---4----------------------------------|--7---2---4---7---5---2----------------------------------|--7---2---5---5---3---2----------------------------------|--5---0---2---*---*---*----------------------------------|
Am flutter girl Em killing me with her sunshine F#? D sunshine C she's so unaware Am G D that she's my melpomene Am flutter girl Em killing me with her sunshine F#? D sunshine C she's so unaware Am G D D7 that she's my melpomene
outro:--------------------------------------------------|--------------------------------------------------|---------0---0--(2?)------------------------------|-------4---4--------------------------------------|--------------------------------------------------|--------------------------------------------------|...or something like that.
håber i kan bruge den!
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