Kashmir – No Balance Palace tab

Kashmir - No Balance Palace
Tabbed by Clas and Frej (frejfh@gmail.com)

This is a great song by a great danish band, dude......
This is not absolutely right, but we think you can make your own version with help from this. Good luck

Am6 Am Am6 Am I wish I knew where Am7 D This devious road ends Fmaj Cmaj D Dog fights in the street lights or indifference? Am6 Am Am6 Am D Death hangs patiently under the mirrorball Fmaj Cmaj Am And no one seems to notice him at all Am6 Am Am6 Am Am7 D Fmaj Cmaj D This room exudes with fast love and imagery, unflagging wished and jealousy Am6 Am Am6 Am Mike says it’s okay Am7 D We all need a little break Fmaj Cmaj Am A grand spree we’re on a roll here once again after the introriff comes this
E5 -/g -/a I wanna go E5 -/g -/a When she says go E5 -/g -/a E5 Don’t say where, We don’t want to know F#5 It’s alright E5 No one’s lost E5 -/g -/a I wanna rock E5 -/g -/a Where you don’t rock E5 -/g -/a E5 ’cause I can’t feel you anymore F#5 It’s alright E5 Nothings lost
You are my song So empathetic and so strong You’ve waited forever And though you did quiver You came along
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