Kassidy - I Dont Know chords version 3

The Whole Thing is basically just:

G, C, Em, D

but Barre plays it like this

G C Em D---------------------------------------------------------|------12-12--12-----5--5--5------8--8--8-----7--7--7-----|------x--x--x-------x--x--x------x--x--x-----x--x--x-----|------12-12--12-----5--5--5------9--9--9-----7--7--7-----|-/10--------------3------------7----------5--------------|-------------------------------0-------------------------|
Then when it comes to the "who knows, who knows, who knows?" u just hold on to that D shape and then at the end of the chorus where it goes "guess i need some time" etc, you repeat the C shape and the D shape - First tab so go easy
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